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As a leader in fertility treatment in India, Merck Serono has developed a comprehensive range of treatments, designed to aid the estimated 1 in 10 infertile couples of childbearing age, who seek medical help for infertility. That's why we consider you, us, together, we are the Parents of Fertility.

Merck Serono is committed to increase awareness about infertility and its treatment opportunities to support couples with fertility concerns and encourages them to consult their doctors.

The treatment of infertility in women and men are now highly successful, in fact fertility therapy success rate is now comparable to natural fertility. So, if you are not conceiving even after many attempts, it may be the right time to get an appointment for the best treatment for infertility.

With a team of IVF specialists having in-depth knowledge and experience of years, we are known for providing the most advanced IVF and ICSI fertility treatments. The concept of test tube baby or IVF in India is not new, but most couples are unaware of it. Also visit some of the best IVF center in India on parentsoffertility.com, we are committed to spread awareness and deliver premium quality treatment.

Merck Serono brings a unique initiative 'End the wait' to address the increasing problem of infertility across the globe by spreading awareness. 'End the wait' is a fertility management guide to all the infertile couples to seek the right treatment at the right time. Discover fertility information and lifestyle tips to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.


for your support throughout the treatment journey. Modern medicine offers a range of treatment options, some simple, others asking a little more effort. But sooner or later, most couples succeed in becoming parents.
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